Chiang Mai Nightlife

Unlike some of the larger cities in Thailand, Chiang Mai has a very intimate nightlife. From night markets to Muay Thai fights, there's always something exciting happening is Chiang Mai. However, with tons of small, cozy bars and live music venues, the nightlife in Chiang Mai creates the perfect environment to meet adventure seekers and make friends from all over the world.

  1. Night Bazaar - The night bazaar is open every night, with a wide variety of knock offs, name brands and excellent bargains - we'll even teach you how to barter!
  2. Lady Boy Cabaret - nightly shows for the world famous lady boy dancing and singing with a twist
  3. Muay Thai - Thailand's National Sport can be seen daily from Monday to Saturday
  4. Pub Crawls - we round up the crew and head out for a night of pub festivities
  5. Sunset Rooftop Bars - what better way to take in the transition from day to night in Chiang Mai?
  6. Khantone Dinner and Traditional Dance - Forget the Luau - we have Khantone!
  7. Bowling - you won't believe how fun it can be until you've bowled in Chiang Mai!
  8. BBQ Nights - we hold regular customer appreciation nights with an amazing BBQ spread
  9. Movie Nights - Chiang mai has multiple cinemas where you can watch new featured movies (in english even!)
  10. Night Safari - Sshhhhhh - this one's top secret.


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