Chiang Mai Temples, History & Culture

Once known as the Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai has been a cultural epicenter for more than 700 years. For this reason, the Old City is full of small streets and ancient buildings, including more than 90 temples.  You could spend months here touring temples alone!  To help narrow it down, we've listed some of our favourites and most interesting temples below.

  1. Wat Doi Suthep - overlooking Chiang Mai with spectacular views Doi Sethep is the highest temple in Thailand and one of the most sacred temples - ask the locals about the legend.
  2. Wat Phar Sing - Chiang Mai's most revered temple and is dominated by an enormous, mosaic-inlaid sanctuary
  3. Chedi Luang (monk chats) - this temple features a towering, Lanna-style chedi (sanctuary) with a sprawling compound around the stupa which is powerfully atmospheric.
  4. Wat Chiang Man - Chiang Mai's oldest temple
  5. Wat Umong - set in the jungle, nestled at the foot of Doi Suthep mountain, this temple has an air of mystery around it.
  6. Wat Suan Dok (monk chat) - this important monastery was built on a former flower garden in 1373 and is dreamily beautiful.


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