Nature & Outdoor Adventures

The best way to get to know a new area is to explore outside of the city walls.  These are some activities we recommend you venture solo or with other travelers from Stamps. Take advantage of our in-house Tinder Board and find those willing to explore the unknown with you.

  1. Grand Canyon - Chiang Mai's own Grand Canyon is an old rock quarry that has been filled in with water.  Have some fun cliff jumping or check out the brand new water park.
  2. Chiang Mai Waterfall Adventures - get up close and personal with 3 of the most impressive waterfalls in the area - Sticky, Maesa and Maeya
  3. Huay Tung Tao Lake - only 30 mins from Stamps, this beautiful lake is perfect for swimming, water sports or simply chilling out with a floatie and eating, drinking and relaxing.
  4. Mae Ngad Dam - experience the wonders of the Floating Houses on the Mae Ngad Dam. The beautiful floating rafts on the massive dam, deep in the jungle with stunning scenery where you can kayak, swim, fish or just laze around sun tanning and relaxing.
  5. Pha Chor Canyon - located in the Mae Wang National Park this natural phenomenon is a must see for those nature enthusiasts.
  6. Obkhan National Park - Jump in the inviting Mae Khan River, enjoy a swim under the shade of cliffs and trees or have a picnic on the sandy beach - or do all three!
  7. Baan Tawaan
  8. Mon Cham - take a trip to the top of this small mountain and experience incredible, views of hills, villages, farms and rolling valleys - great picnic destination.
  9. Old City Park - This historical park features the ruins of an ancient town dating back more than 900 years with the old town surrounded by city walls and moats.
  10. Rachaphruek Garden - wondrous gardens, architecture and exhibitions to investigate
  11. Mae Kampong - hidden away in the emerald jungles, this pocket-sized village has become a retreat for those of you looking to escape the commercialism of the cities and rediscover the village way of life



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